Being part of the TechTeam

Hi there, my name is Adam.  I’ve been a Linux user since 2009.  I have learned a lot as a Linux user, and I am also learning to be a Linux systems administrator.

In the spring of 2018, I was invited to join the PhillW TechTeam to use the skills that I already know, and to learn even more.  The initial work has been to set up the servers and software upon which TechTeam members will work with each other to share their knowledge and experience.

Some of the things that I have contributed to the project so far are:

  • Getting administrators into the habit of documenting changes, so that everyone will be able to stay current with the system’s state.
  • Creating a tracking page of active tasks to help smooth the workflow and identify blocks to completing projects.
  • Setting up the SSL settings for HTTPS using software from the Let’s Encrypt project.
  • Learning to manage WordPress sites so that I can teach others some of the basics
  • Helping to set DNS records so that email is properly routed.
  • Making backups of training servers so we don’t lose our work!

In 2019, I have a lot of things that I want to do to carry this project to the next phase.  This will require completing the basic software configuration on the servers which Tech Team members will rely on.

I have a lengthy list of homework items to study, so that I will be up to speed in helping assist with the more complex configuration of some software.  By learning from the experts, I can begin to speed things up by reducing their workload.  It starts off slow, but it will snowball if done right.

As I have already learned a great deal, I am ready to start teaching basics to other members of the TechTeam.  We will build an on-line school of sorts, and I will instruct another member to get that started.  I know that I enjoy teaching, so this is the perfect way to give back to the project for everything I have learned.

If you have a strong interest in GNU/Linux and you want to learn more about managing free and open-source software, servers and websites, the PhillW TechTeam might be just what you need.

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